My name is Kristina Kinder, I am born 1976 in Germany.

I live in Yunnan, China since 2010 and I love it.

I have quit my job as an architect in May 2014 and study Chinese now. Everyday I go to school and I learn reading and writing and speaking like a child. It's challenging, but truly worth the effort to be able to communicate with people.

Before I came to China I worked several years as a freelance 3d modeler, for digital and physical architecture models.
I studied Architecture and before this, I did a 2,5 year apprenticeship as drafts(wo)man. 

Painting for me is like dreaming, it's a way to digest and communicate of what is going on around me. Most paintings contain a story and a vision.

Imagination and dreams is what makes our lives colourful and I thank everyone and everything who inspires me. 


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