The Goldfish

I live in an apartment on ground floor. I have several fish tanks and a few terrariums. The fish tanks are filled with goldfish and a mouse family lives in a terrarium. The mice are very tiny. They live in a real apartment like a doll’s house with several floors and furniture. They are cooking and eating together at the dinner table.

One gold fish jumps out of its tank. It grew too big and the tank became too tight. I try to pack it back in, but it hardly fits into the tank. I place at least its head into the tank and under water, so it can breathe.
Other fish grow out of their tanks and flap around on the floor. I fill up bowls with water, stick their heads under water and try to calm them down. One of the fish has grown almost 2m long and a couple, which tries to help me, tries to get it back in the tank. The massive fish bites them and they drop it back on the floor. I pet and calm it, and lay its head under water. A turtle walks by and grins. It is as big as a dog. I call for help. I call the zoo to come and take the fish and put them into a lake. The frog and two friends are coming in a van. They work for the zoo and are surprised about the situation.
My favourite fish weighs at least 1.5 tons now. It has sharp teeth and orange flags on either side of its mouth. The guys say, the fish grow so crass, due to the helium I am producing. Then they smoke a joint. The frog blows smoke into my face. They are amazed that there even is a crocodile, although this one hasn’t grown. One fish flaps, destroys the tank and crashes into the mouse house. The mice are probably flattened. I can’t check on them because of the chaos all around me and I have to take care of my fish. I ask the guys, if they will sell the fish to a restaurant. They say no, and I am glad. Apparently goldfish are not considered as food. Although they would probably get a lot of money for 1, 5 tons heavy goldfish, they promise me to release them in a lake. I am relieved. I like my golden fish very much.

My counsellor suggested thinking about golden things in my life, which rise to the surface. I try to keep them down. I am causing the growth by producing helium. The only analogy to helium I come up with is the sun. The sun consists of helium. I want the frog to take my precious goldfish away. At that time, I gave him too much power over my creativity and thoughts, far more than just using his behaviour as inspiration.